Plantation Shutters

The lovers of a Plantation shutter is approximately 3-1/2″ wide so they provide excellent visibility while the shutters are open while protecting against heat and cold when they are closed. They were made popular in the old southern plantation homes and are still popular today.

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The wider louver will fit perfectly in the frames of most newer homes and offer the maximum insulation of any style.

The California and Plantation styles offer very smooth functionality and will enhance any room. They are popular for family rooms because of their light controlling capabilities. They are a must-have for shift worker.


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Choose from our selections of wood and vinyl (California and Plantation) shutters to match your budget and needs. We will help you choose the ideal shutter shutter for your room and custom fit them so the look attractive and function perfectly.

Our shutter professionals have been helping homeowners for more than 29 years, so it’s wise to take advantage of their expertise to get the most from your investment.

 They will install and seal your frames in such a way that that they look attractive, function smoothly and provide maximum insulation form, light, temperature and sound.

We provide Shop At Home Services because customers tell us that they enjoyed being able to see the shutters on their window before choosing.  You can schedule your own Shop At Home Experience online based on your schedule. <click here to schedule>


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