California Shutters

The California shutter is identified by its louvers which is approximately 2-3/8″ wide.


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california-diagramThe narrower louver requires less depth in the window frame so they are ideal for shallower windows.


The narrower gaps restrict more light and provide excellent insulation from heat cold and sound.

They are popular for family rooms because of their light controlling capabilities. They are a must-have for shift worker or if you enjoy privacy.


Choose from our selections of wood and vinyl (California and Plantation) shutters.


We will custom fit and install them for you, so they function perfectly and provide maximum insulation from light, temperature and sound.


DC Shutters offers a choice of tilt rods, including the Standard Tilt rod, a Hidden Tilt, Offset Tilt, Invisible Tilt. We also offer a range of both solid and stain colors, making it easy and fun to design a custom California shutter.

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